I made this interactive map just for you. If you click on any of the icons, you can see not only where I've been, but some crazy travel stories and even the routes I took during certain road trips. Even "Slightly South And Very West"!


Hello, my friend. Welcome to my travel page. When I was designing this website a second time, I realized that I wanted a more personal blog-type feel to some of the pages. I've been thinking over the idea of building a website that was more of an ''umbrella'' for everything I do. Cause, well, I do a lot of stuff. Photos, video, design, music, and, well, yeah. Travel. I wanted a place where you could come and see everything in one spot and maybe it would all make sense.

For those of you who aren't familiar with this part of my life. I'd like to say, it's rather huge. Most of you probably know me from a Bring Me The Horizon cover back in my emo days (snacksize549 amiright?), or maybe my record, WORMWOOD. But I'm stoked that you took a minute to click on this section of the site.

In summary, I was homeschooled my entire life in the middle of nowhere in both Georgia and North Carolina. And once I turned 18, I bought a prius (yes, that's right a prius) and drove cross country from Georgia to Los Angeles, CA. I was one the road for a month, I met family i didn't know existed in Oklahoma, I slept under the stars in Nevada, I made friends in Kentucky and stayed with fans in Utah. And when I arrived in CA, I strung lights and stars up on the roof of my car and slept in it for four months while I was getting my feet on the ground. During my time car camping I drove up and down the west coast kind of "soul searching" if you will. I slept by Crater Lake in the middle of winter, and islands right off of San Diego. I've walked on frozen great lake Erie when it looked like the ice age for miles. My first big purchase out of the house was a DJI Phantom 3 Pro Drone cause I was just so enamored by the life around me. My travels have continued until this day. I spent 2018 living in airbnb's (some haunted, some not), and traveling down through Texas. And then anchored myself in Nashville just long enough to have 5 kitties sleeping in my closet. And who knows what the next move will be.

Some people remember me as a extroverted highschooler who just can't shut up, others remember me as the introvert who downright hates parties. And some people (like you for instance) might remember me as a viral youtuber who was a hobo in some seasons of her life. 

All perspectives and impressions are true, but I feel as though I am the happiest in my hobo seasons. A lot of people find the idea of up and leaving very scary. No idea where you're going, who you'll be with, where you're staying, what you're eating. 

But the truth is, you're never really leaving your home. Your home is just growing.